Yannick Antoine & Yves Bernard, with the collaboration of Domenico Quaranta (IT) and Sugar Seville (Odyssey)

Keywords : Second Life, network, online, installation

Original context : iMAL (creation for the iMAL opening exhibition, October 2007)

The Gate is a dual installation that connects Second Life and First Life in real time.

More details on http://www.imal.org/TheGate/

In 2009, The Gate was invited to the Broelmuseum, Kortrijk (Belgium), as part of the Fantastic Illusions exhibition. This show explored how Belgian and Chinese artists build illusory spaces for the visitor. It featured works of Nick Ervinck (BE), Hans Op de Beeck (BE), Tale of Tales (BE), Vadim Vosters (BE), Olivier Deprez (BE), Yves Bernard & Yannick Antoine (BE), Bart Stolle (BE), Heidi Voet (BE), CREW (BE), Teddy Lo (CN), Jenova Chen (CN), Aaajiao (CN), Wu Juehui (CN), Hu Jieming (CN), Peng Yun (CN).

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End of 2010, The Gate was invited to the Shanghai Biennale.

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In 2011, The Gate is back in Brussels for the École de Recherche Graphique (ERG) seminar on the Body/Machine relationship, and will again be hosted by the Odyssey Project on Second Life. ERG students will perform IRL for the opening.

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